Trout vs. Salmon for Christmas

With Christmas approaching we often get asked what WE recommend is the best gift idea for people to send to their friends and family. SO, for this blog post we wanted to write a bit about what our favourite products are and why.
In our opinion, the Beech Smoked Trout is the ideal product to send over the festive period AND to use within your Christmas dinner menu as a tasty alternative to salmon! We think the Trout is a much more superior fish than the salmon and here's why...
Trout is a truly beautiful, succulent ingredient, however has often been under-valued in the past but we really want to change people's opinions by showcasing our delicious Beech Smoked Trout. Our Beech Smoked sea-grown Rainbow Trout is reared in sea lochs and coastal waters, where the current is stronger which encourages the fish to swim longer, producing fish with much leaner meat. 
As most of you know we opened our new little shop in Luss this year and our Smoked Trout has easily been our best seller, with many tourists flocking to the area to try some or even asking us to send some back to friends and family as a gift! Over the past year, our Smoked Trout has now matched (and quickly overtaking) the sales of our Smoked Salmon, making it a sell out every week! 
In the past, Trout has often been quite difficult to get a hold of due to not enough being grown throughout Scotland and the UK. However, we have been working closely with our trusted and highly experienced supplier in the West Coast of Scotland, we have never had any problems with supply. It is always readily available and of the best quality, which is told by the deep-orange colour of the fish when cut. 
As most of you will be here thinking of what to prepare for your Christmas dinner, we want to remind you as well that Trout is in fact a much more manageable fish than the salmon in terms of size and texture, making it much easier to prepare and serve. Oh and why not go all the way by adding a little something extra, spread some of our deliciously creamy Beech Smoked Trout Pate over Scottish oatcakes to create the ideal comforting snack. 
For more meal inspiration, head over to our Recipe section on our website! 


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