To Freeze or Not To Freeze

We get lots of people ask us at the Smokehouse "am I able to freeze this?", "will it be ok in the freezer?", "will it not go off after a couple of weeks?" etc etc. So today we are blogging about why Freezing is a good idea.
We always stress to our customers that home freezing our smoked salmon and trout is absolutely fine for up to 3 months. It keeps the fish fresh and allows you to plan ahead for those big dinner parties you promised the in-laws...
Here's our top 4 reasons why Freezing is a good idea:
1. Easy meal planning - you can do one bulk shop and get everything you're going to need for meals for that week. Then, pop home and pile what you can into the freezer... this makes your food last longer meaning you have all the food you need for the whole week without worrying about things going out of date or having to run to the shops last minute!
2. Reduce wastage - we've all been there when it comes to the end of the week and you realise you forgot to eat that pie or that sauce you wanted to use tonight has gone out of date. So we instantly throw it in the bin because it's passed it's use-by-date. By putting it in the freezer instead, this habit becomes a long lost memory and we start making more use of our food. 
3. Eat more seasonal food - so you've popped down to the farmers market over the summer and found loads of delicious fresh fruit and veg, but this is the only time you'll get to eat it whilst it's so fresh... why not buy lots of it and freeze it?! Stock up for the winter and you can have it all year round! 
4. Bulk cooking - everyone knows how busy weekdays can be what with work, school, clubs etc and we sometimes forget the importance of cooking and eating healthy homemade meals. That's why it's always a good idea to spend a quiet Sunday cooking lots of meals that you can pop in a container and put in the freezer - saving time throughout the week and offering a healthy alternative to a shop bought heat up meal! 
So after you've done your shopping, stop and take a minute to put some stuff in the freezer instead of the fridge... you can let us know if you notice any difference!