Have you been formally introduced to our newest product?!

To start off the new year we wanted to bring you a brand new product to go with the rest of our delicious smokehouse range. We know you all love mackerel and our pate range, so we decided to put these together and create mackerel pate which we know you'll just love!

We add just a hint of tomato puree to give it a gorgeous hint of red colouring that perfectly compliments the unique flavour of the beech smoked mackerel. We use beech smoke to smoke all our products because it gives a succulent and sweet taste that doesn't overpower the fish, but enhances it's natural flavour.
Here at the smokehouse, the opinions of our staff are extremely important and are what makes us different from every other smokehouse. You may have heard before about "Shona's Trout Pate" which is named after our Shona because she was the brains and the magic behind it all. Now, we have "Lauren's Mackerel Pate", which is named after our Lauren who is the lover of all things Mackerel and who's idea it was to develop the pate. 
We highly recommend you give this pate a try... it's a pot of creamy, fishy goodness that you'll struggle not to finish the lot! Order from our website today! 


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