As we're sure you all know, we are currently hiring for a Smokehouse Shop Assistant! We are really excited to get to know you all a little bit better, but we thought you'd like to know a bit about us and what working in the shop will really be like... To do that, we have the best person to tell you - our current shop assistant Emma. 
Emma joined us last Spring to become a Smokehouse Shop Assistant and has since become a proper fish wife! Emma does everything in the shop from merchandising, to ordering more stock, to keeping the place tidy, to sourcing new ideas and of course, reporting back to our general manager. 
Emma says the best part about working in the shop is... "Getting to meet lots of new people from all over the world. People are always so interested to here about our business and our products, I love chatting away to them - the day usually flies in!". 
Usually Emma's day would start off by making sure the shop is clean and tidy for the day ahead, then start making about a thousand (no, we're not exaggerating, it really does get that busy!) salmon and trout bagels for our customers to grab and go. Then, as lunch hour approaches, tourists and visitors will flock to the shop for the lunch time rush (be prepared...!). Weekends are usually the busiest days, so Emma often works Saturday and Sunday, but she says "I don't mind working weekends, it's usually really busy anyway so before I know it's 5 o'clock and time to go home again!". 
At the Smokehouse we make sure our team have all the knowledge they need for our customers, this could be anything from our products to general facts about Luss and Loch Lomond - making sure our team can offer the highest level of customer service possible! 


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